You Me and Dupree 2006 Movie Information

Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas star in You Me and Dupree, the hysterically funny comedy about a childhood friend who loses his job when he attends his best friends wedding and moves in with the newly weds. You, Me and Dupree is a comedy film released on July 14, 2006. It is directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, written by Mike LeSieur, and produced by Mary Parent, Scott Stuber, and Owen Wilson.

The film revolves around newlyweds Carl and Molly Peterson (Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson), inviting the best man of their wedding, Randolph Dupree (Wilson), to move in with them, after he has lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

Plot Details
Molly (Kate Hudson) and Carl (Matt Dillon) are preparing for their wedding day in Hawaii, until Carl's friend Neil (Seth Rogen) interrupts to say that Dupree (Owen Wilson) got lost. They drive off together to pick up Dupree, who appeared to have hitched a ride with a light plane after landing on the wrong island. A day before the wedding, Molly's father (Michael Douglas), who is also CEO of the company that Carl works for, makes a toast with humorous remarks at Carl's expense, foreshadowing a conflict between the two. Later at a pre-celebration at a bar, Carl neglects Dupree to be with Molly whilst he is about to perform a drinking tradition. Carl and Dupree later make up on the beach, as Dupree apologizes for laughing at Molly's father's jokes, and tells Carl that he has "Carlness." At the wedding, Dupree shows up with a little badge with a lighting bolt with the letters "BM" (best man). Carl and Molly get married and move into their new house, opening gifts, and recording their answering machine message. When Carl returns to work, at Molly's father's Thompson Land Development, he is surprised to find that Mr. Thompson has promoted him to be in charge of a design he proposed, though it had been altered some what. Eventually, the relationship between the two of them becomes tense as Carl finds he's being pigeonholed by his new father-in-law. Mr. Thompson makes absurd requests which proceed to get worse, starting with Thompson's drastic reimagining of Carl's new architecture project, requesting that Carl take the Thompson name instead and that Carl get a vasectomy to prevent childbearing later on. lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

Before returning home to celebrate his promotion with Molly, Carl stops by the bar, where he finds Neil and Dupree. After Neil leaves due to his wife's curfew, Dupree reveals that he was fired, as he apparently did not have clearance to attend the wedding, subsequently falling behind in his rent and evicted. Losing his car also, as it was the company's, Dupree had been sleeping in a cot at the bar. Carl takes Dupree home, asking Molly if he can stay for a little while until he gets back on his feet. Molly is polite, though clearly frustrated, as Dupree brings in all his belongings, including a moose head. The next morning Molly and Carl find Dupree, sleeping naked, on their new couch. lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

During his stay, Dupree makes a little effort to find employment, but in a job interview he says that he is not a workhorse and wants to work to live, not live to work. lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

He is disruptive and messy, flooding the bathroom, and walking in on Molly and Carl in the bedroom. Molly sets up Dupree with a woman at her work, a primary school, who is a librarian. Dupree agrees, though Molly is shocked to find them together when she opens her front door coming home from dinner. Romantic candles burn down the front of the living room and Dupree is evicted, later it is discovered Dupree used butter to lubricate his penis while having sex with his date. Meanwhile Carl is being continually stressed out from work, though he and Molly find time to go out for dinner. On the way back they find Dupree sitting on a bench in heavy rain with his belongings. Molly insists they take him back in. Carl makes it known that Dupree must behave this time. The next day, Dupree makes amends, refurbishing the living room, and doing Carls' thank-you letters, as well as making friends with kids from the block. Carl asks Dupree to go to career day at Molly's work as he got tied up at his work. Dupree fills in, even managing to inspire the kids, pleasing Molly. That night Dupree cooks a large dinner for Molly, though Carl is late again, so Molly and Dupree start without him. When Carl finally shows up, he is a little jealous that they were having dinner together, and have a fight. lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

The next night Dupree masturbates to pornography that Carl hides from Molly. Molly comes down and discovers what he's doing and is completely shocked. Carl wakes up and is concerned about Molly discovering his collection. She does and is now angry at Carl. Under her pressure, Carl throws it away. Neil hears of this and is somewhat shocked. He comes and collects the collection of pornography from the trash can. lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

Carl kicks Dupree out, suspecting an affair, which shocks Dupree. The following night, Mr. Thompson is over for dinner, and Dupree is found outside after he fell off the roof, and is invited in for dinner, much to the displeasure of Carl. After Mr. Thompson takes a liking to Dupree and asks him to go fishing with him (primarily to irritate Carl which Molly senses), it enrages Carl, who jumps across the table and strangles Dupree. After returning from the hospital with a neck brace and Molly confronts Mr. Thompson about what he really thinks of his new son-in-law, Carl had left. The next morning Dupree gets all the local kids to search for Carl. Dupree eventually finds Carl in the bar, and convinces him to chase after Molly, after Carl realises how much she really means to him. Dupree helps Carl break in to Mr. Thompson's office, as Dupree distracts Paco, the security guard, whilst Carl marches into his father-in-law's office and confronts him. The two finally reach an understanding and Thompson admits to his agenda of insulting Carl. Dupree, being chased by the security guard, falls through the roof, landing on the table. Dupree and Carl return to the house, where Carl and Molly reunite, Carl apologizing, and agree to work it all out. Dupree jumps for joy. lost his job and apartment. But Dupree inevitably overstays his welcome.

Dupree becomes an author and a motivational speaker, with Paco now at his side as his number two.

Anthony Russo
Joe Russo

Writer (WGA)
Michael LeSieur (written by)

Release Date
July 14th, 2006, (USA)

Comedy / Romance

Cast list
Owen Wilson ... Dupree
Kate Hudson ... Molly
Matt Dillon ... Carl
Michael Douglas ... Mr. Thompson
Seth Rogen ... Neil
Amanda Detmer ... Annie
Ralph Ting ... Toshi
Todd Stashwick ... Tony
Bill Hader ... Mark
Lance Armstrong ... Himself
Jason Winer ... Eddie
Sidney S. Liufau ... Paco (as Sidney Liufau)
Billy Gardell ... Bartender Dave
Eli Vargas ... Aaron
Houston McCrillis ... Dougie
Bob Larkin ... Army Veteran
Suzanne Ford ... Thompson's Secretary
Claudia Choi ... Carl's Secretary
Summer Altice ... Stripper
Jeanine Hass ... Stripper
Peter Ruocco ... Wedding Planner
Gozie Agbo ... Personnel Manager
Lance Irwin ... Neighborhood Father
Finessa Pineda ... 2nd Grade Girl
Mario Quinonez Jr. ... 2nd Grade Boy
Jay Lembeck ... Minister
Gil Harris ... Reese
Pat Crawford Brown ... Aunt Kathy
Bayani Ison ... Hawaiian Bartender
Joe Wilson ... Joe (as Uncle Joe Wilson)
Howard S. Lefstein ... Dupree Body Double (as Howard Lefstein)
Blaine Pate ... Larry
Kevin Breznahan ... Charlie
Trevor Stock ... Herb
Sean Perrone ... Ned
Taylor Masamitsu ... Additional Voices (uncredited)
Damani Roberts ... Boy (uncredited)
Tasha Smith ... Co-Worker (uncredited)
Harry Dean Stanton ... Curly (uncredited)

Tag Lines
Two's company. Dupree's a crowd

Technical Specifications
Runtime: USA:108 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital / SDDS / DTS
Certification: Malta:16 / Canada:G (Quebec) / Finland:K-11 / Netherlands:12 / Switzerland:10 (canton of Vaud) / Denmark:A / Canada:PG (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Ontario) / Singapore:NC-16 / Norway:11 / Argentina:13 / Australia:M / Germany:o.Al. / UK:12A / Malaysia:U / Philippines:PG-13 (MTRCB) / USA:PG-13 (certificate #42842) / France:U / Romania:A.G. / Brazil:12 / Ireland:12A / Switzerland:10 (canton of Geneva) / Sweden:7 / South Korea:15

MPAA Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief nudity, crude humor, language and a drug reference.