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Sugababes Biography

Sugababes are an extremely popular UK girl group formed in 1998. So far, the Sugababes have released 15 singles that have reached worldwide top 30 charts, including four UK number one singles. They have also had three UK top five albums Angels With Dirty Faces in 2002, Three in 2003 and the Number 1 album Taller in More Ways in 2005. They won the Brit Award for "Best British Dance Act" in 2003, and were nominated for Best British Single for "Push The Button" in 2006.

Keisha Buchanan (born 30 September 1984) and Mutya Buena (21 May 1985) were childhood friends in London and who met Siobhan Donaghy at a party at the age of thirteen. Buchanan's family originally hails from Jamaica while Buena's mother is Irish and her father comes from the Philippines. The trio decided to form a group together soon after in 1998. London Records offered the young all female group a contract when the girls were 14. London Records then brought in Cameron McVey, known for his work with All Saints to help develop an album.

The first single "Overload" made the UK Top 10 and was nominated for a Brit Award. The group largely wrote One Touch album which had three further Top 40 hits in the UK - "New Year", "Run For Cover" and "Soul Sound". Despite this, sales of One Touch didn't meet London Records' expectations, especially considering the amount of press the album had received, which led to them dropping the band in 2001. Things started to look bad as Siobhan Donaghy left the band, during a promotional tour in Japan in 2001. Siobhan originally stated that she wished to pursue a career in fashion, but later revealed that she had become depressed and felt isolated in the group, due to the strong bond between Mutya and Keisha. She later decided to pursue a career as a solo artist, inspired by the massive success of the band following her departure, releasing a critically acclaimed solo record entitled Revolution In Me through the Sugababes' old record label, London Records. It failed to make the official UK top 40, and the lead single, "Overrated," just scraped the top 20. She was then dropped by London Records, but in October 2005 was signed to Parlophone records, and is expected to release a sophomore album in 2006.

Following Donaghy's departure from the Sugababes, Heidi Range (born 23 May 1983) from Liverpool was selected as her replacement. The trio signed a new record contract with Island Records, having impressed them with the new material they were working on. Their first single on the new label, "Freak Like Me", was produced by Richard X, who was working in a studio nearby and asked the girls to lend vocals to his bastard pop song that fused a musical sample from "Are Friends Electric?" by Gary Numan's Tubeway Army with the girls singing lyrics taken from Adina Howard's "Freak Like Me". His original mix of the track had been released on white label entitled "Are Freaks Electric?" "Freak Like Me" enabled the group to break into the mainstream, featuring a dark, sexy video showing Heidi's induction into the group, and debuting at number one in the UK and number two in Ireland in 2002, eclipsing the chart positions of their previous four singles with Donaghy. The single went top ten in many European countries and reached the top 40 in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium. Their second single with Range, "Round Round," produced by Kent-based production team, Xenomania was the group's second UK number one single and went to number two in Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

On the back of these massive hits, Sugababes' second album Angels With Dirty Faces debuted at number two on the UK Albums Charts and was a hit all over Europe. The third single from the album, a ballad entitled "Stronger," also produced by Xenomania, went top ten in the Netherlands and Norway, while a double A-side of "Stronger" and the album's title track, "Angels With Dirty Faces," the theme to The Powerpuff Girls Movie, went top ten in the UK and top 20 in New Zealand in late 2002. The fourth single "Shape," which samples the Sting track, "Shape Of My Heart," reached number eleven in the UK and had moderate success in the Netherlands and Ireland in early 2003. The B-side featured the special performance of "Freak Like Me" from the Brit Awards where they won the award for "Best British Dance Act". Their success also lead to a track that had not been included on Angels With Dirty Faces, entitled "Party In The Club," being used as the theme tune to ITV's teenage drama show Girls In Love based on the book of the same name by Jacqueline Wilson.

The group's third album Three was released in late 2003 and continued their success reaching number three on the UK album charts, preceded by "Hole In The Head," another Xenomania production, who were now also working with Girls Aloud. "Hole In The Head" was the group's third UK number one single and their first number one in Denmark. It reached number two in Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway, went top 10 in Germany, top 30 in Australia and also hit the US Billboard Hot 100, charting at #96 (as well as hitting #1 on the US Billboard Dance chart). The second single "Too Lost In You," written by Diane Warren and taken from the soundtrack to the UK movie, "Love Actually," went top ten in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as going top ten on both sides of the Straits of Taiwan (Taiwan and China). The track was originally recorded in French by Patricia Kaas and entitled "Quand J'ai Peur De Tout." The album's third single, another Xenomania production, "In The Middle," hit the UK top ten, as well as entering the top twenty in Ireland and top 40 in Europe and Australia. The fourth and final single to be released from "Three" was the ballad, "Caught In A Moment," which reached #8 in the UK, backed by tracks recorded from their Sessions@AOL appearance. After a break from the music industry, whilst recording their fourth album, Mutya gave birth to a daughter, Tahlia, in March 2005. The group did their first performance for over a year at the Edinburgh Live 8 concert, where Mutya told journalists, "When I see pictures of children starving it makes me want to cry. Since becoming a mum, these images upset me and I think, 'if that were my daughter I'd want something to be done'." In this time, the girls had been writing and recording their fourth album, working with a variety of songwriters and producers, including USA producer, Dallas Austin, famous for his work with TLC and Madonna.

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Sugababes Albums and Track Lists

Album: One Touch 2000
1. "Overload" September 2000, entered chart at #6 4:37
2. "One Foot In" 3:25
3. "Same Old Story" 3:03
4. "Just Let It Go" 5:01
5. "Look At Me" 3:58
6. "Soul Sound" July 2001, entered chart at #30 4:30
7. "One Touch" 4:20
8. "Lush Life" 4:28
9. "Real Thing" 4:04
10. "New Year" December 2000, entered chart at #12 3:51
11. "Promises" 3:16
12. "Run For Cover" April 2001, entered chart at #13 3:47

Album: Angels with Dirty Faces 2002
1. "Freak Like Me" 3:19
2. "Blue" 3:58
3. "Round Round" 3:59
4. "Stronger" 4:02
5. "Supernatural" 3:39
6. "Angels With Dirty Faces" 3:50
7. "Virgin Sexy" 3:47
8. "Shape" 4:12
9. "Just Don't Need This" (UK Bonus Track) 3:32
10. "No Man, No Cry" (UK Bonus Track) 3:34
11. "Switch" 3:39
12. "More Than A Million Miles" 3:26
13. "Breathe Easy" (Acoustic Mix) 4:01
14. "Round Round" (Alternative Mix) 6:07

Album: Three 2003
1. "Hole In The Head" 3:38
2. "Whatever Makes You Happy" 3:16
3. "Caught In A Moment" 4:25
4. "Situation's Heavy" 4:11
5. "Million Different Ways" 4:30
6. "Twisted" - UK bonus track 3:04
7. "We Could Have It All" 3:38
8. "Conversation's Over" 4:06
9. "In The Middle" 3:59
10. "Too Lost In You" 3:59
11. "Nasty Ghetto" 4:17
12. "Buster" - UK bonus track 4:23
13. "Sometimes" 4:35
14. "Maya" 4:43

Album: Taller in More Ways 2005
1. "Push the Button" 3:38
2. "Gotta Be You" 3:40
3. "Follow Me Home" 3:58
4. "Joy Division" 3:59
5. "Red Dress" 3:38
6. "Ugly" 3:51
7. "It Ain't Easy" 3:05
8. "Bruised" 3:04
9. "Obsession" 3:51
10. "Ace Reject" 4:16
11. "Better" 3:45
12. "2 Hearts" 4:55