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     Tiffany Mulheron
Given Name:
     Mulheron, Tiffany Rose
     December 18th, 1984
     Scotland, UK

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Tiffany Mulheron Biography

Ashley Mulheron is a television presenter from Scotland, older sister of actress Tiffany.

After leaving Craigholme school mid 4th year, Ashley attended langside college for two years, where she studied drama. Her big break came on Sky Vegas and UKOOL. She then tried to make it big in the T4 show California Dreaming, where she travelled around LA building up a reputation and gaining experience presenting live. However, after failing to wow TV audiences in the US, she has returned to her old job on Sky Vegas live.

Ashley has appeared in numerous lad's mags and has had a cameo appearance in Hollyoaks.

Tiffany Mulheron attended drama college and gaining some performing experience with the Patchwork Youth Theatre Group in Glasgow, Tiffany's first major screen role came in 2001 in the BBC children's series Stacey Stone.

Tiffany Mulheron originally auditioned for the role of Roxy on the British tv series Hollyoaks, but was turned down. Two weeks after her audition, Tiffany received a phone call from Hollyoaks creaters, Mersey TV, who were very impressed with her audition. Merse TV told that even though she didn't get the part of Roxy she was going to get the character Natalie Osborne, which they wrote in specifically for her.

Tiffany Mulheron Casting Credits

Daylight Robbery (2007) .... Brunette
Namastey London (2007) .... Susan
Just in Time (2006) .... Lisa Remington
"Stacey Stone" (2001) TV Series .... Nat
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 9 June 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 26 May 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 25 May 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 27 April 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 26 April 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 5 April 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 2 April 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 24 March 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 23 March 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 3 March 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 20 February 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 11 February 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 20 January 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 2 January 2004
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 29 December 2003
"Hollyoaks" playing "Natalie Osborne" 26 December 2003